Wounded, Injured & Ill Services

Healing Military Families

The Armed Services YMCA San Diego provides programs and services to adults & children who are hospitalized and/or receiving active outpatient care at Naval Medical Center San Diego. Our services include Warrior Care Initiative, urgent needs support, patient support, Littlest Warriors gift bags, and recreation services.

Program Overview

The Armed Services YMCA San Diego has been a proud partner with Naval Medical Center San Diego since 1982, providing essential support to patients, families, and staff alike. Without our corps of over 120 dedicated volunteers and generous donor support from the community, we could not achieve our mission.

We work closely with Naval Medical Center San Diego to help wounded warriors heal.  The support services provided may include:

  • Emergency financial assistance

  • Clothing

  • MEDEVAC Backpack

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Lodging and transportation

  • Emotional support and more

Temporary emergency support is available to assist patients with additional expenses that often result from sudden illness or injury.  Support services may include:

  • Food vouchers

  • Transportation assistance (gas cards, Lyft rides, and emergency flights)

  • Child care financial assistance

  • Family supplies

  • Toiletries

We do require validation of the need to ensure our resources are going to those who will benefit the most from the assistance.

Being in the hospital isn’t typically the best of experiences, so we make the patient’s stay as comfortable as possible by providing:

  • Books and magazines
  • Handcrafted quilts, blankets, and pillowcases
  • Puzzle books, playing cards, and other activities
  • Toys for the children in pediatrics
  • Ward visitors to brighten the patient’s day
  • Visits from therapy dog teams
  • Toiletries
  • Snacks for Labor and Delivery
  • Birthday cakes

Specialized services are provided to military families with children.  In addition to enjoying a family bonding experience, these events offer an opportunity to meet other military families facing similar challenges and to learn from one another about school, medical and community resources.

Our team of volunteers are on the hospital wards at Naval Medical Center San Diego providing support from gaming systems and movies to therapy dogs and outdoor recreation therapy.  Outdoor Recreations options include:  

  • Wood working

  • Fishing Excursions

  • Jewelry Making

  • Equine Therapy 

  • More

Get Involved

We are able to accomplish all of these things because of the astonishing support that we receive from dedicated donors in the community and enthusiastic volunteers who are the engines behind many of our programs and services. If you want to support the patients at Naval Medical Center San Diego there is a variety of ways to do so:

  • Volunteer
  • Donate tickets to sporting events or local attractions
  • Donate in-kind items such as toiletries, puzzle books, toys, books, new clothing, etc.
  • Donate funds to purchase snacks/meals for Labor & Delivery
  • Provide a service

Make an Impact

We strongly encourage you to call us at 858-751-5755, or by emailing us, before you make a donation to see what our current needs are and how you can make the greatest impact with your donation.

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